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dank der ersten Sportbrille mit integriertem Rückspiegel

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I am an Triathlon enthusiast for decades.
My sport history shows several national titles as a Triathlon champion as well as a competitive participation in the World Championship „Ironman Hawaii“.
I am guiding fellow athletes in improving the Swim, Bike and running skills as a Tri- and Swim Coach.
For the last 5 years I spend many weeks as a cycling Guide with Huerzeler on the beautiful island of Mallorca.

Why Trieye:

The outstanding Cycling googles of Trieye provide always a secure ride – view and track what’s behind you supports safe and secure adventures.
I will never like to miss this great gadget, without it I feel incomplete.
For 2022 I was nominated as a Cube pilot – Trieye is with me at every ride – it’s for sure my third eye.


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